First Post,tadaaaaaaa

This is the post excerpt.


Hi there.So this is my first blog post and I have no idea of how the arena runs.So I will be sharing a piece of poetry I had written a while ago.So ,it goes like this-

~Fidus Achates~

The opaque glass casts its shadows

Hallowing pasts and present tellings

According an unclear view

Obstructing future happenings

And blinding the ghosts of our pasts

Drowning one in his shadows

And then she comes,

the little mermaid

Pulling me out of the sea of my dreads

My confidante

She tells me,that maybe 

Just maybe

I am at the other side of the sun

Where the solarstar hasn’t ascended yet
And she tells me this,that

Sunset reflects the most perfect of illusions 

Being above the horizon or below it,depending upon which side you are in

Inficting my soul with inspiration and 

That hope does exist
She is an amaranthine memoir

My fidus achates